Australia’s Prime Minster Admits Metadata Collection is for “General Crime” Not Terrorism


Fortunately for us in the Western world, Australia’s Prime Minister is a gigantic bumbling buffoon who can’t open his mouth for more than five seconds without saying something stupid. Sometimes his verbal diarrhea gives us a glimpse into what the status quo really thinks. We learn from the Sydney Morning Herald that:

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has moved to clarify details of his government’s contentious plans to store the phone and internet logs of everyday Australians after his suggestion on national television that people’s web browsing history would be included caused confusion and concern.

On Wednesday, Mr Abbott said the government’s plan to make telecommunications companies store users’ metadata for two years could be used to fight “general” crimes and not just in terror cases.
In a subsequent interview on Wednesday, Mr Abbott stressed that the government was not seeking to view content but only metadata.
‘What you generate is content, what the service providers generate is metadata. We do think the metadata should be kept because all of the best security advice is that without this, counter-terrorism work becomes difficult, crime fighting work becomes very difficult,” he said.
Mr Abbott has said that the proposals were ”absolutely critical” for agencies fighting terrorism but also said the data would be used ”in crime fighting more generally”.

Comforting considering former NSA head Michael Hayden admitted the U.S. government assassinates people based on metadata.

(via priceofliberty)